Miracle on 34th Street

I invited my family over Saturday night for dinner and a walk to see the holiday lights displayed on 34th Street in Hampden. That street is just a few blocks away from my house and not too bad a walk despite the cold. My aunt and uncle weren’t able to make it to my open house back in February, so this was their first time here. We had Papa John’s for dinner (me cook for nine people? I don’t think so) and hung out for awhile before heading to 34th. My niece and nephew were there as well as two of my cousins who are 5 and 7, both boys. We all tried to keep the noise down as my roommate was sleeping (she’s working the night shift this week), plus my cat was getting a bit freaked out. What can you do though? Four kids from 3-7 years old combined with a small house and hardwood floors is inevitably noisy. My roommate didn’t seem mad, but my cat left a gift for me on the living room floor overnight. I think that’s her way of saying “come again soon!”…don’t you think?

34th Street

Here is my mom and niece:

Mom and C

Do these two look like they’re up to no good or what?

B and L


Here is my cat, Bear.  I actually took this a few weeks ago, but it seems appropriate here.


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