Art with a Heart Holiday Party

Thanks to Randi Pupkin of Art with a Heart for throwing a lovely holiday party tonight for the staff and volunteers of the organization. What a gorgeous house and yummy, yummy food! Alas, I have no pics, but I still wanted to get a mention in here. AWAH is a non-profit in Baltimore that provides art classes for under-served communities such as children in group homes, the elderly, disabled, homeless, and more. That wasn’t an obvious plug, was it? Anyway, if any of you out there might be interested in volunteering, check out the website. I’m on “sub” status currently as I’ve gotten pretty busy, but I had a lot of fun working at a group home for boys one night a week for a couple of years. You don’t have to have super artistic skills or teaching experience….you just have to like working with people and giving back to the community.

Okay, end of plug. On another topic, I just got some serious blonde highlights at the Victoria and Albert Hair Studio! I think I like it, but it’s such a cool (as in the opposite of warm or gold) shade of blonde that I’m worried I look like I’m going gray. Okay, I am getting some gray, but only those stray ones that you pluck out even though you know you shouldn’t. Oh well, maybe this will just make me look mature and sophisticated! I can pretend, right?


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