Maureen & Mike, 10.20.07

Maureen and Mike were married at the St. Louis Church in Clarksville and had their reception at The Belvedere downtown.  Pam Long was my second shooter that day and she was awesome to work with.  I met her through our local Pictage User Group (PUG). It was a beautiful Fall day, so we got some really nice portraits in the field next to the Church.  I think they may have been surprised when I suggested going out to the “soccer field” for portraits, but then they saw the landscape I had scoped out behind it.

They had a really fun band called “The Klassix” and I think everyone was sad to leave when the evening was over!  One nice surprise Maureen & Mike planned during the reception was to play the first dance songs from both sets of parents’ weddings and have them take the dance floor.  Check out the images below and the slideshow here.

I love Maureen’s profile…she looks statuesque to me.


Maureen has three little sisters and their names all start with “M”. It was fun being there while the girls all got ready together…laughing, bickering, just being sisters.


Here is one of Pam’s shots of the guys before the cermony…I love it!




I like to play around with shooting into sun and just seeing what happens….you can get some cool looking glare:


Here is a “behind-the-scenes” shot I grabbed of Pam and the videographer, Jeff Colley, crouching in the wheat field while I shot from another angle. I had Brad Paisley’s song “Ticks” in my head. I asked Maureen & Mike if they’d heard it, but alas, they hadn’t. If you’ve never heard it, I’ll just give you a couple lines: “I’d like to walk you through a field of wildflowers.  I’d like to check you for ticks.  And oooo, you never know where one may be.  And ooooo, there’s lots of places that are hard to reach…”  Wow, ya gotta love that country romance, huh?  Haha…




by Jill

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mary your flare shot is so etheral, lovely portraits!!!!

Pam Long Hey Jill,
Great images. You were awesome to work with, a true professional. Maureen and Mike were a blast; what a great couple. It was a beautiful start to their new life together.
Thanks for asking me to join you.
Keep up the great work.
:-) Pam

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