C's 8th Bday

My niece, Caroline, turns 8 today….Happy Birthday! She had a sleepover party Saturday night with four of her friends. We aren’t having a family party this year, so my parents and I invited ourselves over for the best parts of the party: pizza, presents, and ice cream cake. I’d like to share my observations about 8 year-olds and hopefully this won’t offend any of the little rugrats. Individually, they can be awesome at this age….they can hold a conversation, always have funny observations to share, ask a lot of questions, and they’ve developed a not-to-be undervalued sense of reason (sometimes) and empathy.  HOWEVER, put a bunch of ’em together and they morph into this loud pack of I don’t know what.   It’s like they disappear into their own little girl world and become….well…..obnoxious!  That’s all I have to say about that.  Well, except that I have the utmost respect for teachers.

Birthday girl on the right.  Can’t you just sense the squealing?


They made cool sculptures out of Sculpey clay.  I think the brown ones are gerbils or hamsters:


Here is my Mom and nephew, Scott.  The first thing he asked me when I walked in the front door with Caroline’s present was “Did you bring me one?”  Poor guy….Caroline was a nice big sis though and let him open one of her presents because he was crying.  Gosh, with my stories about him I make him sound like a big baby, but he’s actually a really good kid and insanely cute.


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