Sailing Center Kudos

This is one of those weird posts where I feel like I’m tooting my own horn, but hey, who else is gonna do it (other than my mom)? Besides, I always love a good excuse to plug great organizations. Okay, on to the point of this post: yours truly has been named “Outreach Volunteer of the Year” by the Downtown Sailing Center (DSC) for the time I spent helping out with their Access-Ability program, which provides sailing opportunities for people with disabilities. I can’t wait for the next season to start because it is so much fun to participate in this program. I don’t really think of it as a volunteer job so I feel a little awkward about the recognition….the people who come out sailing are great to talk to and I am always happy to be out by the water. The physical labor of it is great too, especially considering that I’m not into going to the gym during the warm months.

Check out the DSC website…this is such an awesome non-profit. For a reasonable membership fee, you can learn to sail, meet new people, and have the opportunity to use their boats pretty much anytime once you get skipper certified. I’m not certified yet and honestly don’t feel too rushed to do that…I’m content just being a member of the crew.

Here are our docks on a foggy morning in late August:


These are the 10′ Access Dinghies that we use for the Access-Ability program. You can reach the lines that control the sails and the steering from the cockpit, which can seat two people. They’re virtually uncapsizable.


This is my friend, Peter, who works for DSC and runs all of their outreach programs. He rocks.


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