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Hi all. Just wanted to share a few pics from the interesting things I’ve been up to lately. Although I yearn for the warm weather and city festivals, there are good times to be had during this yucky weather. I went to the Aquarium last weekend (on a date!) but forgot to bring my camera. Did you know that admission is half-price on Friday nights? The dolphins go to bed early, but you can see everything else all the way until 9:30pm (last tickets sold at 8). The rainforest is a little creepy at night though.

I mentioned in a previous post that I was throwing a singles mixer and that went really well. I don’t know that any matches were made, but I think everyone had fun. I was feeling quite stressed beforehand that it would be lame….being a hostess just isn’t my thing.

I had to get a shot of this funky sculpture hanging in the middle of the gallery space where our party was held. My friend lives in one of two apartments in the same building, so she offers it up as a gathering space regularly. I’ve been there three times now and each time someone bumps into this sculpture and a piece falls off. You definitely can’t tell that anything is amiss.


Linda is very photogenic…she just recently got contacts and is working it!


Christina and Christa gettin’ close for a pic:


No, this isn’t still the singles party. This is the next day in that busy weekend. I went to see the Charm City Roller Girls battle a team from Ohio at the Baltimore Armory. My first exposure to roller derby…very entertaining!


Here are a couple shots from a recent ice skating outing in Mt Washington…I’m not quite as skillful as the roller girls are on their skates and my legs were killing me. Here’s a shot of Charlee cruising on by:


I never have pictures of me, so April used my camera to grab this one of me and Cathy. That wall is holding me up.


by Jill

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Jen and here my kids are tugging my leg telling me ‘there’s nothing to do….’ you’ve certainly found PLENTY to do this winter!!! thanks for sharing your cute shots!

marlene Ooooh roller derby! A coworker of mine from my retail days is a skatergurrlll and man I used to live vicariously through her tales of wheelin and dealin :) I think that’s her in the yellow shirt but I might be wrong!

I’m a klutz, and couldn’t skate if I had training wheelies and someone holding onto me by a rope guiding me :)

great shots!

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