Baby Jack – 8 months old!

Wow, I had a really nice and full weekend! Friday night I hung with some friends at Golden West and then Holy Frijoles, both of which are walking distance to my house. On Saturday, I went to my first Access Sailing day of the season with the Downtown Sailing Center. The weather was absolutely perfect! I hit Starbucks on the way home for a decaf Java Chip Frappuccino…there’s a new one on Charles Street in Mount Vernon (consider that a PSA). It was too nice to go inside when I got home, so I wandered down to The Avenue and checked out some of the shops. I ran into a couple friends along the way…that’s “Smalltimore” for ya. I picked up a supercute T-shirt at Hanging on a Whim that says “single and not settling” really tiny on the front. I just had to have it.

Today I got to hang out with baby Jack and his family for a yummy crab cake lunch and a photo session. If you haven’t read my past blog entries or haven’t heard me mention him a hundred times, read about him here. Technically, I invited myself over because I couldn’t wait to see him again, but it was James and Vicki’s idea to do lunch as well. They are so sweet and make me feel so welcome…check out an awesome comment Vicki left on my blog here. Jack is about 8 months old now and doing fantastic! Here are a few pics…

Open mouth, insert foot:

Jack 1

Haha…he looks like he’s explaining something:

Jack 2

Jack 3

Jack 4

He’s still a bit off-balance trying to sit up, but as you can tell, he doesn’t seem to mind:

Jack 5

Jack 6

This cracks me up…he seems to be texting someone on his “cell” and is oblivious to his nakedness and the fact that I’m photographing him:

Jack 7

Stinkin’ cute!

Jack 8

by Jill

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victoriajensen Jill,
It was so great to see you yesterday. The photos you took are so amazing (as usual)!


Susan Solo Ahhh! CUTE! You’re so right about the photo where he’s explaining something like a little presentation and the photo where he’s clearly texting a buddy! You seem to really understand him. ; )

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