Honfest 2008

Honfest was this past weekend and I had to stop in at least for a little bit considering that it’s just a few blocks from my house.  My cousin, Becky, went with me…she grew up in B’more, but had never been. Shameful, I know. I think everyone should go at least once. Once was actually enough for me, so I just took a few pics and we basked in the air conditioning during lunch at Dogwood

The first pic below is Becky with a beehive. We actually didn’t meet until we were both in college at the Savannah College of Art & Design. My dad said, “hey, you know you have a cousin at that school?” before I left for Savannah and gave me her name.  Becky and I were even in the same dorm, so it was great to have someone to connect with right away. I was a mid-year transfer student and she already knew the ropes. We’re both back in Baltimore now (she and her husband are architects here) and reconnected via Facebook. 


I admit that I photoshopped the heck out of this, but I still like it:

Mini hons

I’m cheating. This next photo is from last year when I took my niece and nephew.  I feel like I’ve posted this somewhere before, but can’t think of where. I didn’t have my blog yet. Hmmmmm…mystery.


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