Martha & Chris – slideshow & more pics

Martha and Chris had a perfect wedding on Saturday – nice weather, great people, and a relaxed atmosphere. After their ceremony at Dahlgren Chapel, the reception followed at Decatur House in DC right on Lafayette Square.  They had a really fun band called Pure Gold and everyone danced for hours. Watch the slideshow here.

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We were shooting out front of the White House and this reporter (from a Portuguese, um…radio station? newspaper? I dunno…) stopped Martha and Chris to ask them a few questions about their connection to DC and their wedding.  Apparently she was standing behind me the whole time I was taking photos and took some own with her point and shoot, so Martha, Chris and my second shooter, Susan, all knew she was about to swoop in. 

This is in the courtyard area of Decatur House right next to where they had a tent set up for the reception. I just adore the cute things in the window and the flowers along the bottom.

I felt like the Saxophonist went and stood in this doorway just for me!

Here are Rob and April who referred Martha and Chris to me.  Thanks guys and congrats on your new baby!

No uber-traditional stuff at this wedding, such as the cake cutting, garter, and bouquet toss which I didn’t mind at all. They had a sundae bar…yum!  I think a lot of people went back for seconds because you can’t fit much ice cream in a martini glass!

I was having fun with my fish-eye lens below.  I think I had my lens literally within an inch of those flowers when I snapped this…super-wide is super-cool.

Here is one of Susan’s shots. Aren’t these two adorable?

Watching the father-daughter dance…

by Jill

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Susan Solo I loved reading this post and watching the slideshow because it was such a fun, beautiful day and it was great to relive it a little. You did a perfect job of telling the story with your images and I am so glad we got to work together! Really really lovely all around.

amy sniff…sniff…. wedding slideshows always make me tear up…. I love how you catch everyone laughing and having fun…. feels like I was there…. tho I can’t remember if I liked the cake…lol…..

Martha Hi Jill, just back from the honeymoon. I took a quick peek at your blog and ADORE the photos. You did an excellent job, but of course we knew you would! Kudos to Susan, too.

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