I heart summertime…

I’ve been busy with all sorts of random things, but thought I’d post a few personal pics to keep you in the loop. I just bought a digital point and shoot, so I’m planning to take more photos at places that I would normally not take my camera. Taking one of my good cameras out on a sailboat in the bay just doesn’t strike me as a great idea….at least not while I’m still learning to sail.  I don’t think I would be so much worried about the camera as I would be about getting distracted and falling in myself or getting whacked in the head by the boom. I do have my occasional klutzy moments, so I could totally see that happening!

Anywho, I’m rambling. Here are a few shots of my family from when we had steamed crabs at Crossroads Pub in Dayton. This was in honor of my 31st birthday and my brother-in-law’s bday which is just two days after mine. I love me some steamed crabs. Yum. Note that these were NOT taken with a point and shoot…no way could I get this super shallow depth of field with one of those.  My 50mm 1.4 lens rocks.


Here is my sister checking out the pics she took on her camera. Note that she’s wearing a Creative Memories t-shirt (she’s a consultant), so this should count as a product placement shot. I should get paid for this.

My nephew Scott had a good time…especially playing with the crab mallets. = )

Here is my dad. He was picking crabs and giving the meat to my niece who hasn’t mastered the art of picking yet….he used to do the same thing for me when I was little!  He was missing out on eating the crab himself, but will do anything for his babies. 

Caroline looks so old to me in this photo. It actually freaks me out a little bit. It seems like just yesterday I was helping my mom take care of her while my sister worked when I first got out of college and moved home for awhile. She was just a little, helpless baby-doll.

Yep, we bring our own knives as serious Maryland crab eaters.  These are actually my dad’s. I bought him three of these for Christmas that I found on e-bay as he had lost a few over the years. They were made by a company called Carvel Hall in Crisfield, MD which is no longer around.

Here’s my mom showing off her next victim:

We should have crabs at least one more time before the summer ends….maybe in Ocean City next month!

by Jill

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Susan Solo Happy belated birthday, Jill! These shots are so fun!

amy Thanks for the CM plug sis… did I mention that there is a 50% off clearance section on my website…. gotta make sure no one misses a good sale :)

Caroline does look all grown up in that shot, what does that make me… OLD as dirt?

Lan Jill — as always yours pix are so lovely! :)

Armin Steamed crabs… double yum!!

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