Artscape 2008

Oops…I had this post saved as a draft and neglected to publish it until now. Artscape was July 17-19th this year.  As usual, it was stinkin’ hot outside so I didn’t actually see too much of it.  I volunteered at the Art with a Heart booth for a couple hours on that Friday.  The first pic below is of some of the handiwork being sold. 

I am so proud of the students for pulling all this work together to sell, especially considering that they had a major setback the Tuesday before Artscape.  There was a fire at Dunbar Middle School in the room where many of the kids in AWAH’s summer job program had been working for three weeks on creating art to sell.  This is a program for students in which they create marketable art to raise money for their community, while also being taught workplace protocols and job skills.  They lost a lot of work in the fire, but pulled together to recreate some of it in time for Artscape.

I visited my friend, Janet, who was working at the beer truck behind Mount Royal Tavern. We used to work at MICA together and she is a fabulous artist. She has one arm in a sling, so this job was a bit of a challenge for her this year.  I suggested that she turn the beer tap off with her forehead, but I don’t think she went for that idea.

Here is Janet’s friend unknowingly posing for me:

I bought a print from artist, Catia Chen, who had a booth at Artscape.  I can’t really afford original paintings, so I like when I can get an affordable print of the original. This one just spoke to me…I see myself in it I guess. I actually ordered two other prints from her online store later that week and am excited to receive them and get those bad boys framed.

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