Baby Nicholas is almost 6 months old!

Time flies – I can’t believe little Nicholas is growing so fast.  His dark hair has gotten so much lighter and is turning red like his dad’s. Bob has a mini-me!

You know I loves me some baby feet:

Here is a flashback to his newborn pics:

And here he is now!

Aren’t they a sweet family?

Jen and her little man:

We did a few shots of Nicholas in his baptismal outfit as it was happening the next day. This is the point when he decided it was time to eat.  Bob is trying to reason with him I think.

Nicholas won…surprising, I know. Here is his full tummy smile:

More to come on Nicholas in 6 months!

by Jill

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amy Love the one on the radio, or scale, or whatever that is… he is sooo much bigger now… you are going to have to do that same shot until he is all grown up… won’t that be funny having a 20 something year old sitting on there :)

He definitely looks like Daddy… Us Mom’s do so much work to bring them into the world and they always look like Daddy…why is that?

Susan Solo Those little feet sticking out of his jeans! Oh my gosh. Adorable. Great shots!

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