Baltimore Maternity Photos – Baby Ashton on the way!

Baby Ashton will be arriving soon, so Brittni and Ty wanted to get his room ready and have some portraits done before the big day. They are so excited and have so many warm and personal touches in his room to welcome him home.  Ty has a 7 year-old sister (Brittni introduced her as her sister-in-law which I got a kick out of because she was so little) who assisted me throughout the shoot which was so helpful.  I think her arms were tired from holding a reflector for me, but she stayed strong!

I love this one…Brittni looks so content and at peace.

This one is my favorite because I can see so much more than what’s on the surface. Brittni wanted to be facing this way so that Ty’s tattoo on his arm would show.  The tattoo is of their first baby Ayden’s footprints along with his name and birth date. He was born an angel, but is definitely living on through his mom and dad.

So cute and tiny baby stuff!

by Jill

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Brittni Young Jill, I love the pics! They look really nice! Im so excited about the pics! Everyone loves the few we saw! Thanks so much!

amy These are awesome photos… I regret not letting anyone take my photo when I was pregnant… Jill why weren’t you doing this 9 years ago?

I love the letters on the wall too… Ashton will have fun mixing them up when he is older :)


You can only do so much with Amy… May, Yam… :(

Sorry, you’d think I didn’t have anything better to do with my time…

Susan Aw, these are beautiful! Am swooning over the teeny tiny baby shoes – it’s so nice that you captured those details!

Amber F. I may not know you but im happy to say my sons name is Ayden he is 2 now. He has a older sister,Raleigha and 2 younger twin sisters who were still born,Bailey and Brooke. I remember how hard it was giving birth to them like it was yesterday. It was a little over a year ago and i still miss them. Im sorry to hear about Ayden,I know how hard it is x2.
Congrats on the new life. :)

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