Julian is turning one!

Can I still call him Baby Julian?  I’ve known him since he was still in his mommy’s belly and he just keeps getting cuter and cuter.  His actual b-day isn’t until tax day, but Julia and Carlos lit a candle on a cupcake for a fun photo op.

I got this smile by playing peek-a-boo behind my camera.  It worked for like three shots before he became bored with my antics.  He is on the verge of walking on his own and likes to be on the move.


“Hmm….interesting texture, but do I really want to eat this?”

“Nope, I’m done.”

Julian was fascinated with my fish eye lens!

by Jill

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Susan Solo It’s so fun watching Julian grow up on your blog! He is such a cutie, and I love all of the expressions you captured, including the “get me out of here” face from the high chair post-cake. Too funny!

Tom Beall Happy Birthday Julian!

Cynthia He has that true Fireman look as you attempt to light the candle.

I love the pictures, Julian!


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