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I think Melissa and Greg’s friends and families would say they FINALLY got hitched.  They’ve been together for more than a decade and decided to finally make it official at the River Road Universalist Unitarian Congregation in Bethesda.  It was wonderful to see everyone together and the super-closeness of all their friends. Melissa and Greg have been living in Singapore for Greg’s work, so they made quite a journey back for their nuptials.  I didn’t have the opportunity to meet them in person until their wedding day, but quickly became comfortable as they are such warm, genuine people. 

I loved Melissa’s hair style…done, but not overdone.

This is when they first saw each other all decked out in their wedding attire:

The bridesmaids were just instructed to wear “jewel tones”.  Their dresses are all different, but still look united and gorgeous.

We lucked out with the weather. A rainy day was predicted, but instead we had sunshine.

Is she the sweetest little thing or what?  Her assigned role in the wedding wasn’t technically “flower girl”.  Her job was just to be “cute” and she nailed it.

They held the ceremony and reception in this nice, open space.  You can see the tables for dinner over to the right and they moved the chairs for the dance floor after the ceremony.

Love their faces here!

No shortage of cute kids at this wedding!

The Hora! Greg is Jewish so they had the best of both worlds during the ceremony and on the dance floor.

How nice to be able to stand on a balcony and shoot down at the cake.  Cool perspective:

Where’s Waldo?

Melissa got to snuggle with this little baby while Greg had about 6 kids climbing on his back.

I caught this little man making goofy faces during one of the toasts.  Silly guy:

Finally, the cutting of the cake.  For my photo geek friends:  I had my second flash behind them on a light stand to create the rim light that so nicely separates them from the background.  Yep, I’m a geek too.

Congrats to the happy couple!

by Jill

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Nina These are some of the best wedding pix I’ve ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous!

Arnie I love these!

Gilbert Beautifil warm photos, Ms. Myers. I love your choice of black-and-white for kids shots (except Sheila’s photo, of course).

Susan Solo Ooo, Jill! Gorgeous photos! Love the fun perspective on the cake shot and the “Where’s Waldo?” image! You did a fabulous job as always. (And as a side note, I LOVE that she gave such freedom to the bridesmaids – the jewel tone dresses look great in the photos!)

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