My Family's Caribbean Cruise

A personal post….yay!  I just got back from a Royal Caribbean cruise with my family a little over a week ago and wanted to share some pics here.  It was great to have so much time with my family while also seeing some new places and doing fun stuff on the ship.  I’m not used to seeing my niece and nephew every day, so I’m feeling some withdrawal now.

Here is the pool on the ship.  I think we’re actually still docked in Baltimore in this photo, so you can see that nobody wasted time getting their vacations started.

Here is a photo taken by budding photographer, Caroline, using my camera. It looks like something I would take, doesn’t it?  That’s me and my sister in the background.

My sister, Amy, took this one of me and the kids. We’re all dressed up for dinner onboard, and no, Caroline and I were not trying to match.

After 2.5 days at sea, our first stop was San Juan, Puerto Rico. Here is our foggy view as we entered the port.

This is the bow (front) of our ship with a Carnival ship in the distance.

I made Caroline and Scott go stand in this apartment complex entrance.  It just grabbed my eye.

My fave pics of this stop were taken at and around Fort San Cristobal.  The stone walls and breaking ocean were breathtaking.

A rare, quiet moment for Scotty, who recently turned 5:

Still San Juan.  You can see a cruise ship docked in the distance if you look close…not sure if that is ours.

This guy on the street was putting his parrots on people and selling photos that he would take. I have to apologize for taking this shot as I didn’t realize at the time that I was stealing his business!

After San Juan, we headed to St. Thomas. Rather than stay and shop there, we went on our own adventure to Trunk Bay on St. John. I didn’t take many photos as it was raining on and off, plus I was in the water most of the time!  Here is my mom lounging on the beach with my dad.

Here is a pic from Labadee, which is Royal Caribbean’s private beach in Haiti.  So, technically we went to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, but we didn’t actually see much of either….just these guarded tourist traps, lovely as they were.

The other budding photographer:

Here are my mom and dad on the evening I squeezed in some posed family photos.  Thanks for a wonderful trip!

I didn’t get even one shot of Scott behaving.  Not one!  What a goofball.

My sister has a Creative Memories T-shirt that says something like “Be nice to me, or I’ll crop you out of my photos.”  Scott was axed from this one, though I think he was actually hiding.

Here is me trying to get a nice photo with my darling niece and nephew.

by Jill

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Susan Solo Ah, I’m jealous! What a fun trip! It looks like you all had a great time.

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