Amy & Amartya's Wedding | Taking Photos as a Guest

I went to Texas for the first time this past weekend for my friend Amy’s wedding. Dallas, more specifically.  I met Amy soon after officially moving to Baltimore City, which I believe was late 2003 if memory serves.  She replied to an ad I had on Craig’s List for a roommate and came to check out my apt in Bolton Hill.  This isn’t a roommate story though as she declined moving in with me….I can’t really remember why, but I think she wanted to be in a more happening neighborhood or maybe it was the narrow three flights of stairs that scared her away….or maybe she thought I was a shifty character. Probably not though, as we hit it off and eventually started hanging out on a regular basis.  I think I was even one of the first of her friends to meet her now husband, Amartya (Marty), as they met in the area.  Anyway, they are living in Chicago now and finishing up their advanced degrees, but I know they must miss B’more terribly!

Amy and Marty had a traditional Hindu Bengali wedding that spanned the whole weekend.  I don’t know if that’s the right way to put it, but I’m learning! Check out “Bengali wedding” on Wikipedia to learn more.  I’m also learning about Indian food, though some of it is a bit too spicy for my palette.

I made my first details collage – it’s neat to see how everything really fits together.  Lots of warm colors and sophisticated graphic design courtesy of the super-talented bride.

They had an Ashirvad the evening before the wedding, which is a ceremony for blessing the bride.  Someone please correct me if I describe anything incorrectly. This was held at a contemporary Indian restaurant called Clay Pit, and included lots of food and mingling.

Here is Amy getting some encouragement from a family member:

Gotta love this face:

Getting ready on her wedding day!

Bridesmaids doing some primping of their own:

Here is Amy having her bindi applied….so sparkly and pretty!

Anxiously awaiting Amy’s entrance at the ceremony:

Amy’s brother escorted her in while she hid her eyes with a betel leaf as tradition dictates.  She was having a hard time walking while hiding her face and wearing heels all while wrapped up in her sari, which led to some laughter.  She had to make it down the aisle and circle around Marty seven times before removing the leaf for their first glance at each other.

Look!  My name in English and Bengali (or Hindi?)!

I always find the cuties!

Speech time….I love the warm light surrounding them.  I still can’t get over how gorgeous Amy looked!

I hung out with some of Amy’s super-cool friends who went to the University of Texas together most of the weekend…some I had already met before.  I’m only 5’7″, really.  Thanks to Regan for taking this pic with my camera!

Check out these little guys with the cell phone cameras!  Madness!

 The cake was really yummmy…better than most I’ve had!


Caught Amy doing this cute little wave from the dance floor:

Congrats Amy & Marty!  Have fun in Spain!

by Jill

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Pam Myers Fabulous photos and you weren’t even the official photographer. What a beautiful wedding.

Susan Solo Best photos taken by a guest at this wedding – guaranteed. :)

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