Flashback – Jill goes to San Francisco!

Have you ever found money in the pocket of your coat that had been long forgotten?  Even though it was yours all along, it feels like money dropped out of the sky just for you!  Anyway, I just found some photos on my computer that I never finished editing or even showed anyone, which is a similar feeling.  It has been 2.5 years since my solo adventure to Arizona and San Francisco.  I guess because nobody else was there to bug me to see the photos, I just sat on them.

This was part business, part pleasure, as my employer sent me to Scottsdale for a healthcare webmaster workshop.  I have to admit that the desert doesn’t excite me too much, but I decided to add a few personal days to my trip and hop on a flight to San Francisco before heading back home. I had never been any further west than Denver (hi Sarah!), so this was pretty exciting. It was also a new experience to sight-see alone, but at least I got to do exactly what I felt like doing without checking in with anyone else.  It felt empowering to face a new city on my own two feet.

I’d also like to mention that I had to remove a lot of specks and smudges from these photos.  I’m sure those of you who have spent more time in San Francisco know to clean your lenses often, but I was just a silly tourist walking around with the foggy dampness and water spray covering my lens. Live and learn, right?  Chilly + Windy + Wet = San Francisco.

I found it difficult to really show how steep the streets were.  I’ve seen the movies and heard about the area, but I still was not really prepared for the madness of San Francisco.  I definitely got a good workout wandering around.

I took a ferry ride to Sausalito on one gorgeous day.  I was wishing I could be on one of those sailboats!

Sausalito is such a cute town. I had lunch at a little cafe with outdoor seating and walked around.

Before leaving on this trip, I made a reservation with Adventures Aloft for a hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley, which is about a 90 minute drive from San Fran.  I think I had to get up around 5am, but it was worth it.

My view of some horses in a field:

Back on the ground:

Okay, okay, here’s a photo of me.  There was a family on board with me from Bethesda, Maryland.  Small world!

My next post will be back in present time!

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