Snowmageddon 2010 | Baltimore Photography

Well, the story is pretty much the same all around here.  Snow, snow, and oh yeah, here’s some more snow. I haven’t been to my day-job since last Friday and have to say that I’ve been loving it.  I have almost finished painting my spare bedroom, but that is pretty much the only really productive thing I did this week.  The more time I have on my hands, the less I get done, so I’m ready to go back to work tomorrow and start living life again! I need deadlines and to-do lists.

I had fun the other evening trudging through the snow to the grocery store up the street and taking some night photos.  The way the snow lights up everything even at night and the quiet streets felt surreal, but beautiful.

The buried cars actually gave me the creeps.  They seem dead.Here is the street we have to take to get to the main road with a tree down across it.  Fortunately someone came and moved it within a couple days…I don’t know if it was the city, a private contractor, or a neighbor, but it got done.The view from my front porch today:I’m standing in the middle of my street here.  No plows hit this block, but the neighbors banded together on Monday and we moved the cars on my side over to the Rotunda parking lot one at a time like a parade.
This is the sidewalk in front of my house with snow piled higher than my head.  I bet we’ll still have piles left all the way through the beginning of summer.I hope everyone stayed safe this week.  I felt so bad for those who lost power!  I also thought often of all the people who worked so hard to clear the roads, fought fires, cared for the sick, fixed broken utilities, and more!  Thanks to everyone for keeping us going.

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