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Did you notice that I never posted a slideshow for Kristen & Brian’s October wedding?  I did send one to the happy couple, but never shared it with the masses (you know, my many fans, my followers, my millions of loyal blog-stalkers, my mom). Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a teensy bit, but you get the point. This is my first try at embedding a slideshow since launching this new version of my website, so please let me know if you have trouble viewing it.  Note that if you are on a mobile device that you will not be able to view it, so come back later when you’re on a real computer with Flash and all those goodies.

by Jill

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Vicki Wow! I love the progression of the photos. What a beautiful wedding. The slideshow came out great. Sounds weird but I love the font you used in the beginning (I’m a sucker for a good font!).


Susan Really beautiful work as always, Jill! I’m a fan/follower/stalker for sure. :)

amy awesome, as usual :)

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