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Well, Julian is ALMOST two years-old and is so stinkin’ cute.  He doesn’t get to be the baby much longer though, as he will be getting a little brother or sister in just a few months!  I am so honored that Julia and Carlos invite me in regularly to document their growing family.

We met up at Savage Mill this past weekend. The weather was beyond perfect the whole weekend.  I had this fun portrait session on Saturday and then a relaxing Easter on Sunday with my family. Springtime is officially here thankfully.

I love this shot of the trio walking and took a similar shot when J was 16 months old.

Yay, everybody is looking!  Mr. Energy is not quite ready to sit still for a photo, but I was able to catch this by playing peek-a-boo from behind a tree.

This is when Julian spotted a tractor across the street which is one of the many words he can say very clearly. Tractor!  Shoe!  Mommy!  No!

Here is the always-lovely Julia showing off her 5-month belly and sassy green espadrilles (shoes!).I tried to convince Julian to get in the photo with his mommy, but instead he chose to imitate her pose on the other side of the bridge.  Too cute.

I got a lot of shots like this.  Julian would run right to me as I squatted on the ground. It felt like he was going to mow me down, but he knew better than to do that!I love their expressions here.  So happy and silly!

Carlos always likes to get a shot of me with Julian so I entrusted him with my camera and heavy 70-200 lens for this.  The black bag hanging off my belt in the back is the case for that lens…that should give you an idea of how big it is.

Okay, I challenge any parents of toddlers to identify what song Julian is acting out here.  Hint: It’s from a popular kid’s TV show and involves a chair.

Children's Portraits Howard County Photographers

Daddy loves that song, too.  Sorta.

Julian is a dancin’ fool….Carlos can play a song from his iPhone and J just lights up and starts gettin’ down.

There will be more to come from this family on my blog….guaranteed!

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