B and her new little bro | Happy Mother’s Day

I’ve been waiting for Mother’s Day to post some images of these little cuties, as I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. The photos are being used as a gift for their mom, from their grandma. We were able to sneak in a session when the kids were here visiting Grandma Mary for a weekend.  You might recognize B from her 1st birthday party in April last year.

Here she is playing peek-a-boo with me using the bathroom door.  Every time she’d open the door, I’d snap a pic!

I know it hasn’t even been very long, but B already has a new baby brother!   Here he is at just two months old. He was such a trooper…didn’t complain one bit when I stripped him down for this photo. Check out those baby blues!

See, he prefers nakedness over an argyle sweater vest!

B gettin’ serious….and very, very close to me.  I think maybe she could see herself reflected in the lens.

I’ll let little ones look at the photos I take on the LCD to get them excited to be photographed, but sometimes that can backfire and all they want to do is play with my camera!  B is actually the one clicking the shutter in this photo. I aimed at the mirrored closet door to get a shot of us together.I thought this was so cute.  You can see an old photo I took of B on the computer behind her. Same serious look.

Getting a photo of the brother and sister together wasn’t really coming together as 2 year-olds aren’t too keen on being told what to do. I did get B lying down next to her brother outside for a few seconds though.

I love the light here as I was following B around the backyard.  She was on the move constantly and a very busy little girl.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmoms, and mom-like mentors out there!  I had a very nice lunch with my own Mom today and appreciate every moment I have with her.  I love you, mom!

by Jill

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Susan Aw! So sweet! I love that first sneaky image – great timing on that! And the images of the two of them on the blanket are adorable.

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