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I’m so happy to announce the birth of Matt and Alyson’s first baby, James Fitzgerald.  I shot their wedding in the summer of 2007 and Matt called me about taking photos while Aly and James were still in the hospital just after his birth. I was in photographer’s heaven when I got to their apartment in DC and saw James’s adorable bedroom bathed in natural light from two big windows. Here are some of my faves from the photo session.

I like when newborn babies sleep so that I can pose them all curled up, but James was pretty much wide awake the whole time I was there.  It was no problem though….just look at those baby blues!  I wouldn’t want to miss out on those.

Here are some details of his perfect nursery.  The “d” is the first letter of his last name, in case you’re wondering.

He really didn’t cry much.  A little cuddling and being fed was all he needed.This one melts me.  I love his smushed little face and you can see the tension in his forehead as he fights against sleep.Yep, we stripped him down and put him in a drawer.  Gotta love it.I think this is my favorite.  Father and son.Check out the gorgeous new family!

James is so adorable and is of course the center of attention as you can see below.  He has such alert, inquisitive looking eyes for just being a little over 3 weeks old.Congrats to Matt and Alyson!

by Jill

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amy Can’t wait to see a toddler James in the drawer :)

Brittany The lighting is amazing! What a cute baby – you captured him so well! :)

Alyson Wow! The pictures look great. I can’t wait to see the rest! You’re the best Jill!!!

Vicki Wow! These are fantastic! I have to say, his mom looks AMAZING, especially after just giving birth. Kudos to her! James is adorable. Best of luck to the happy parents.

Susan I just “awww’ed” a dozen times! The smooshed face photo is the cutest!

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