JVS Photography Speedlite Workshop

Last week, I attended the JVS Speedlite Workshop which was held at the Love Life Images studio in Savage Mill.  JVS (Joseph Victor Stefanchik) and his wife, Anne, are super successful Texas-based photographers and I was so excited to gain some wisdom from them. I’ve been using off-camera flash here and there during portrait sessions and almost always have one set up by the dance floor at wedding receptions to add a little flare and depth, but I’m always up for learning new and creative ways to play with light. I think the overall lesson I learned is that it is possible to to create really gorgeous lighting scenarios without lugging around big studio lights and extension cords. We were just using the small flashes I already have with varying modifiers and a little knowledge.

Here is JVS helping Mary Gardella of Love Life Images set up a light with a shoot-through umbrella.

Baltimore PhotographerHere is one of my fellow attendees, Laurie Bracewell, posing for a photo.  We all worked together and took turns posing. I think it felt strange to everyone to be on the other side of the camera.
Baltimore PhotographerThese are two shots I took of photographer, Monty, using one light with a “beauty dish” modifier.  This is the type of light often used for models.  The 2nd image has a grid over the light for a tighter light source. Check out those cheekbones!
Baltimore Photographer

The Love Life studio was a perfect location with their white brick walls and cool, funky furniture. Here is fellow attendee, Amy Deputy, getting ready with a cup of Starbucks java. Amy was definitely one of those photographers who inspired me to shoot weddings in the first place, so it was really cool to have her there working alongside the rest of us.
Amy Deputy at JVS Workshop

My friend, Jen, of JLowe Photos will probably hate that I posted a photo of her, but I think she looks great!Baltimore Photographer

Here is a better look at the beauty dish. I am so getting one.
Baltimore PhotographerJennifer Domenick of Love Life Images striking a sassy pose:Baltimore PhotographerHere’s Laurie again.  She is such a natural in front of the camera. I was using a Bruce Dorn Asymmetrical Strip Bank for this photo. By the way, I didn’t write down the details on that strip bank, so I referenced Laurie’s blog post about the workshop!  Is that cheating?Baltimore PhotographerHere is Joe Wang of Love Life Images.  I don’t know who took the first shot like this, but several of us wanted one of ourselves, so we took turns!Baltimore PhotographerThis is Joe’s shot of me.  My hands look ginormous.Baltimore PhotographerLaurie Bracewell took this pic of me.  Maybe I’ll use it as my new profile pic at the top of my site!  Baltimore Photographer

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