Pictage PartnerCon New Orleans – Part 1

I went to my very first multi-day photo conference a couple weeks ago, and what better place to dive in to this than N’awlins? I had never been there before, so I was excited to hear that my lab partner, Pictage, would be having their annual conference there. This was the second year in a row that they hosted the conference there because it was so successful last year. It was so fun to hang out with fellow photographers for five days….I thought of it as meeting up with people from “my planet.”

One of my favorite parts of the trip was wandering around the French Quarter on my own, especially when I could find talented musicians playing on the streets.

Jill Myers PhotographyJill Myers Photography

Random…Jill Myers PhotographyI know…this one is confusing to look at, but that’s why I like it!  The right side of the image is actually a reflection from a mirror on the wall outside of a convenience store.Jill Myers PhotographyOne of my favorites….like stepping back in time. I wish I had recorded some of the sound at this moment too as there was some fun music going on!
Jill Myers PhotographyHere are two of my friends that I hung out with the most throughout the week. On the left is Hennessey Green, a DC area photographer who I have met before, but got to know much better on this trip.  The sassy chick with him is Philly-based photographer, Suzanne Tenuto. Thanks to twitter and a #partnercon hashtag, the three of us caught a cab ride into the city together from the airport. The photo on the right is one I caught while Suzanne was taking a photo of her breakfast at the famed New Orleans coffee stand, Café Du Monde.  We went on a quick walk there for beignets and café au lait one morning before the first seminar of the day.  Beignets are the official state donut of Louisiana. For real.Jill Myers PhotographyJill Myers PhotographyAnd here’s another cute restaurant, Café Beignet. This shot is through the wrought iron table I was sitting at outside.Jill Myers PhotographyHere is a pic I grabbed during one of the numerous speaking sessions. This is Columbus-based photographer, Kitty Maer, who was demonstrating some Photoshop retouching techniques.Jill Myers PhotographyOur last big activity was a charity photo shoot where we set up a a bunch of mini studios and created free portraits for families in the community. This is sort of a “behind the scenes” photo of this mother-daughter pair posing for another photographer.  Great smiles!Jill Myers PhotographyStay tuned for my next post which will have images from some educational shooting workshops I participated in.

by Jill

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Susan Jill! These are amazing, and I’m looking at them just kicking myself for not going. The mirror reflection image and the one below it are so great!

Suzanne Tenuto I made the blog, I am so excited! It was so great hanging out with you, can’t wait until next year!

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