Pictage PartnerCon New Orleans Part 2

As I mentioned at the end of my last post, I participated in a couple shooting workshops while in New Orleans. Basically, this was an opportunity to learn how other photographers “do their thing”, take photos of models, and see more of the city.

This first one was led by Kurt Gerber, of Chicago-based Gerber + Scarpelli Weddings. The theme was “60 Looks in 60 Minutes” and focused on getting creative with posing, composition, locations, and light. This is a real couple who were recently married in New Orleans. They are cute and edgy and complete naturals in front of the camera. Kurt did all the posing and directing and our swarm of photographers (about 15 of us) shot them from every angle and tried not to trip over each other!Baltimore Wedding PhotographersBaltimore Wedding PhotographersMaryland Wedding PhotographersMaryland Wedding PhotographersThe shot below is one of my favorites because it’s more “my own.”  I was the only one on this side of the band…you can see some of the other shooters opposite me. Baltimore Wedding PhotographersNow, this next workshop has quite a different look. This was all about night shooting and was led by two husband-wife teams from Nashville: Sean and Melanie McLellan and Whitney & Peter Carlson. Here’s a shot I grabbed of Peter during one of our stops on the streets of the French Quarter.
Sean and Melanie focused on using lights already in the environment like the spotlights over the couple below, as well as small video lights which give off a constant light (like a flashlight) rather than a strobe/flash. See how the “groom” (in quotes because this is not a real couple) is lit from the left?  That is the video light.

Baltimore Wedding PhotographyWhitney and Peter work more with off-camera flash. There is a light on a stand with an umbrella right around the corner illuminating the “bride”. I like how Whitney set this up to show so much depth.Baltimore Wedding PhotographerThis is another video light shot that I think is funny. Check out the shadow on the right side….is it a ghost or someone holding one of the lights?Maryland Wedding Photojournalist

I can’t wait to hear where PartnerCon will be held next year because I certainly hope to be there!

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