Catching up….a Philadelphia wedding: Rachel & Joel

Sorry for not blogging much lately!  Now that Spring is here, I can start to come out of hibernation.  I’m getting married next weekend (woop!) so have been a bit distracted.  Although I don’t plan on shooting weddings myself anymore, I may still second shoot for my photographer friends.  I’m sharing some images below from a wedding I shot with Michael Temchine this past summer at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia. I’ve shot several conservative Jewish weddings, but never a true Orthodox wedding, though I believe this one would still be considered “modern”.  I’m fascinated by different religions and cultures, but underneath it all, the meaning of these weddings is the same.  They are all about two people committing their lives to each other, while surrounded by their loved ones. Joy and excitement permeated the air throughout Rachel and Joel’s amazing wedding day.  Here is a detail shot of Rachel as she was having her makeup done.  She was very calm with just a hint of nervous anticipation.Rachel’s mom was a ball of emotion when she saw her daughter in her wedding gown.I photographed many hugs and smiles during the Kabbalat Panim, where Rachel was surrounded by all the women closest to her and Joel was in a separate room with the men.
Next came the Bedecken, where the groom is escorted to his bride with much fanfare and he lowers her veil.The Chuppah ceremony was held in the courtyard of the hotel.  It was a beautiful day.  Here is Rachel being escorted in by her parents.Joel beaming at his bride…Reception time!

What a day!

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