Sweet Lucy | Breech Beltway Baby!

You would never guess from looking at this perfect baby girl, but she made a dramatic entrance into the world 6 months ago on a cold, icy night…on 695….in a moving vehicle.  Oh, and to add to that, she was in a breech position (feet first), which is a dangerous position for any baby being born, even in a hospital.  Her mom, Katie, was scheduled to have a C-section two days later because of Lucy being breech, but this baby had plans of her own apparently. Katie’s terrified husband, Matt, managed to get them all safely to the hospital where everything worked out fine.

Check out this sweet face!  Lucy is wearing her christening gown, which Katie also wore as a baby.

Daddy Matt is standing behind me prompting this grin.
This was such a sweet moment when Lucy was just calm and snuggling up to her daddy.  She was hanging onto his nose for the first few minutes.This next one made me giggle…The gang’s all here!  Matt even sneaked in a Raven stuffed animal on the far right to represent our Baltimore team.And finally some snuggles from mom before nap time.  What a great session….it was so nice to meet this sweet family.

by Jill

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carroll celentano My precious grandaughter!!!!!

I love her so much.


Beth Furlong Lucy is beautiful – and what terrific photos!

carroll celentano I, of course, want to purchase some of these pictures. This is my 1st grandchild and so beautiful. Send me the proofs, so I can buy them. Thanks

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