Carrie, Class of 2013 | Howard County Senior Portraits

Carrie is the oldest of three girls and so will be the first to take the leap off to college next year.  She gives off a feel of confidence and strength that I’m sure comes in handy during her busy sports schedule.  Here are a few favorites from our recent session at a local farm:Such a natural beauty…

Megan, Class of 2013 | Sykesville Senior Portraits

Megan is such a natural in front of the camera and her sweet heart just shines through.  As a dancer and cheerleader, I think her dimpled smile comes very easily.  Here are a few of my favorites from our session in historic Sykesville.

Sending the baby off to college | Baltimore Family Portraits

They wanted to finally get some family portraits done before sending their daughter off to college out of state.  One day you’re crying as she goes off to kindergarten and then it’s time for college in the blink of an eye. This family is so sweet and it didn’t take me long to see that they have raised two great kids. Here are a few of my favorites from our session:

Jenna, Class of 2013 | Ellicott City Senior Portraits

Okay, I have to admit that I was feeling a bit nervous before Jenna’s Senior Portrait session.  She is a budding artist and photographer in the arts program at a local magnet school, plus her mom is a good friend of mine.  I don’t typically shoot senior portraits, which I think was actually a selling point for Jenna as she didn’t want anything too “typical”.  We found some cool spots in Ellicott City and the whole session was pretty easy thanks to Jenna being so laid-back and incredibly photogenic.  Here are some of my faves from the session…take a look!

Stunning blue eyes and a killer smile?  Indeed.

Sassy, too.Have a great Senior year, Jenna!  

Baby Shane is 6 months old! | Howard County Photographer

Remember teeny baby Shane as a newborn?  I was so excited to see him again recently to shoot more photos and create a moving portrait via video.  I can imagine Shane watching this himself in just a few years and pointing out his mommy and daddy and himself….then I think about him watching it when he’s grown and not believing he was ever that small.  When he’s a rowdy teenager, Karin and Colin can look at these videos and reminisce about what it was like to be brand-new parents and smile at how much their boy has changed.